Enova® is Available Now in C Haptic Model – VSY Biotechnology GmbH
June 07, 2021

Enova® is Available Now in C Haptic Model – VSY Biotechnology GmbH

The launch of “ Enova – C Haptic Model IOL” has recently been announced by VSY Biotechnology GmbH.

Enova, the first and only 100% glistening-free, dry-packed hydrophobic acrylic IOL, requires no warming or special conditioning before surgery.

The lens requires no warming or special conditioning before surgery. The composition of Enova material allows uniform hydration of specific sites to have controlled water uptake and resistance to glistening formation.

Glistenings on intraocular lenses (IOLs) made from hydrophobic acrylate material are formations of fluid-filled microvacuoles. Hydrophobic acrylic IOLs can develop a whitish, opaque material change under certain environmental conditions or over time.

This appearance is caused by fluid-filled microvacuoles, so-called glistenings. The current theory of the glistening formation mechanism is that the IOL polymer network absorbs water, which leads to phase separation in the IOL material.

As a result, microvacuoleconsisting of water and loosely packed network chains are left behind. Those fluid-filled microvacuoles are visible because of the difference in the refractive index of water droplets inside the IOL material and the bulk IOL polymer.

According to a glistening study performed at the Intermountain Ocular Research Center (Mamalis/Werner  Laboratory), John A. Moran Eye  Center, University of Utah, the unique composition of Enova hydrophobic acrylic IOL showed zero glistening and zero haze compared with other IOLs.

Enova is packaged dry and has excellent optical and mechanical properties, according to VSY. Having a Tg -2°C, Enova IOL has gentle and controlled unfolding process below standard operating room temperatures. Low glass transition temperature (Tg -2°C) combined with its optimized modulus of elasticity provides a high level of flexibility and controlled unfolding.

For more information, visit https://www.vsybiotechnology.com/enova/


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